4 Reasons Why Instagram Analytics & Metrics Are Important For Business


1. Know Your Followers

An Instagram business account will show you the demographics of your target audience. They include age, gender, location, language, etc. These metrics may change over time, based on the people you reach online. 

Any company that sells a product or a service has a specific target audience. These metrics let you know if you target the right people with your strategy. In most cases, you will be able to adjust your strategy to reach your target audience. If you know your followers, you can also figure out ways to get the maximum from them.

2. Discover What Works

There are metrics about your stories and posts. You can check their views, likes, impressions, comments, etc. It is quite easy to track your posts and get detailed stats. So, you always know what works for your Instagram profile.

You can get details about many things. For example, you can check the topics that get the best results. When a topic works, you can assume that more posts on the same topic will work again in the future. 

The engagement rates will let you know about the best times to publish and the right frequency. You can test different strategies and check the metrics once you have enough data. The goal is to do more of what already works.

3. Save Time and Resources

Your business must track all the results. It is important to be accountable and know if you reach the right people. If Instagram wouldn’t offer a business account and metrics, you should find them by yourself.

It would require expensive online tools or staff that can analyze your Instagram account. It would take more time to get the same metrics and would cost you more money. The internet is full of tools and experts that give you data at a price. However, Instagram allows you to get the same details for free.

4. Go To The Top Of Your Industry

Many Instagram profiles don’t use the business account or don’t want to read the metrics. A part of the problem is that they want to keep doing the same things even if they don’t work.

The best way to go to the top of your industry is by regularly checking your account’s metrics. When something goes wrong, you can remove it. If you reach the wrong people, adjust your content strategy. Before making your next plans, just take a look at your business account.


Instagram has created a business account to help businesses use their platform. If they get results, more brands will be active on Instagram. So, the best thing you can do is to use your business account metrics.

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